At PESTON & SONS SECURITIES, we’ve assembled a collection of experienced investment management professional and empowered each of them with the tools, the resources, and, most importantly, the independence to pursue the strategies they know best.
• Each was purposefully chosen for their commitment to investment excellence.
• Each is focused on distinctive investment styles and asset classes.
• Each exhibits thought leadership in their chosen area of focus.

Together, we’ve built a powerful portfolio of solutions for financial advisors and their clients. 

Key differentiators
The portfolio managers evaluate each position daily. Portfolio managers may decide to invest portfolios gradually or all at once based on market conditions, valuations and/or other factors they consider to be relevant.

Focus on active investing
We are passionate about the power of active management to generate investment value. Through astute security selection and sub advisor evaluation, we strive for long-term, risk-appropriate returns that go beyond benchmark performance.

Distinctive insights from independent managers
Our unique multi-manager structure empowers each of our team members to focus on the opportunities that best reflect their individual expertise and specialization. The independence and enterprising spirit of our managers is fundamental to our culture.

Global depth across the investment spectrum
Our investment capabilities span global markets through a robust selection of strategies, including equities, fixed income, alternatives and liquidity delivered through a broad range of funds and other investment solutions.

A global footprint
As one of the most versatile asset managers, we work with institutional and individual investors in many countries across six continents.

An unwavering focus on clients and their needs
Specific market knowledge, gathered through our extensive network of offices across the world, drives a deep understanding of our clients' needs. Providing clients with the resources they want and the service they deserve is at the heart of our culture.