Private Investor Services

We spend the time to understand our clients’ objective, their business and the strategy and work with them to articulate their needs and goals. Once we understand their needs and goals, we use quantitative analysis and informed experience to determine the course of action most likely to attain their goals.

We have been successful by ensuring that our investment activities are based on three fundamental strengths that drive the firm as a whole. First, we review and attempt to understand key success factors behind the completion of past similar investments. Second, we are attuned to the pulse and knowledge of the capital markets. Third, we have the ability to move quickly to structure successful transactions. Also, each and every engagement is led by a senior executive that remains with the client until the completion of the investment.

Trading services

Our clients enjoy privileged access to our in‐house trading experts, who are renowned for their speed of execution and professional approach.
To ensure that we respond efficiently to our custody client needs, all orders are channeled through a dedicated team of sales traders. They in turn are responsible for applying best execution principles across the whole product range: equities, fixed income, foreign exchange, derivatives, structured products, mutual funds and hedge funds.
Our teams place all investment trades on behalf of clients directly on financial markets and do not include any mark-up. Clients are therefore more likely to secure the best price available and maximize their return.

Advantages of our trading services:
• Best execution service for forex, equities, bonds, derivatives, OTC
• Highly competitive brokerage team
• Achieving competitive executions
• Reduced settlement administration and risk
• Greater revenue potential from lending securities
• Independent market views and trading ideas

Corporate Services

Capital Rising

In the Asian countries that we are involved in, many businesses including privately owned family groups and publicly listed companies are often unable to capture all of their growth opportunities due to lack of ready access to capital and cost considerations. The capital and cost constraints are due to factors such as the absence of investment grade ratings, lack of depth and transparency in their capital markets or shortage of Euro-dollar funding and reliance of banks to rely on name lending and conventional financing structure.

If those companies including many family owned businesses and publicly listed companies limit their growth to a level which can be supported by these sources, they may risk losing their position in the market to competitors with stronger balance sheets and more capital. It is also imperative that companies utilize financing techniques that reduce corporate risk and costs but enhance every prospect for maximizing profitability.  That's where we can help.

Peston & Sons Securities is ideally positioned to assist companies in articulating and executing your funding requirements through our targeted placement with financial sponsors such as wholesale banks or private equity or institutional investors as well as sophisticated high net-worth individuals. Our team with its international experience and creative solutions would position your company's business case in a way that well established financial sponsors are accustomed to.
We bring innovation to accessing world standard solutions that result in bespoke, structured facilities in any of the given financing situation denoted below: 

• Conventional Loan and Syndication Programs Finance Program
• Bonds and Medium Term Note (MTN) Financing
• Convertibles, Warrants and Mezzanine Financing
• Pre IPO Financing and Share Placements
• IPO Advisory
• Acquisition Finance
• Rescheduling and Recapitalization Programs
• Refinancing and Exchange Offers
• Lease and Leveraged Finance Structures
• Project Finance and Non-Recourse Financing


Corporate restructuring is the process by which a firm renegotiates the contracts, claims, commitments, obligations, and promises - both written and unwritten - that it has entered into with its various constituencies, in order to create and/or preserve significant value. In the Asia Pacific Rim countries that we operate in, restructuring usually entails corporate debt restructuring such as when a business faces a distressed debt situation or a corporate reorganization such as when a business decides to alter its assets or share ownership to a related party prior to being floated or spin-off.

For companies faced with financial challenges, Peston & Sons Securities offers expert advice, extensive transactional experience and can quickly develop a focused plan of action to the lenders, investors and owners or steering committee.  We would assist in all aspects of the implementation plan, including advising in structuring and effecting the financial aspects of a sale or recapitalization, structuring new securities, negotiating to swap debt for equity, roll-over interest payments, undertake asset disposals, preparing and reviewing cash flow models and preparing projection books for presentation to lenders and investors. Many family owned businesses and publicly listed companies resort to restructuring to avoid default on existing debt or help restore credibility and improve profitability

Some of our clients have also retained us to effect a corporate re-organization such as when a family business or a publicly listed company decides to alter its asset make up or carve out a subsidiary as part of its planned IPO or change of ownership structure. We would assist in formulating a finance plan and strategy and advising in structuring and effecting the reorganization (in concert with other professional advisors) and provide our opinion on ways of improving shareholder value for the new entity. 

Peston & Sons Securities is ideally positioned to assist companies in articulating and executing your restructuring strategy based on the international experience and expertise of our team members which has been acquired through successfully completing similar transactions and having spent decades in key management positions at esteemed financial institutions.

We have been involved in many and all of the following restructuring situations

• Debt and Loan Restructuring
• Debt for Equity Exchange Offers
• Equity Restructuring and Spin Offs
• Recapitalization and Buy-Outs
• General Financial Advice on “Scheme  of Arrangement”


Peston & Sons Securities is frequently consulted to deliver our best advice and recommendations or assist on special assignments for the decision makers, board of Directors and shareholders of many family businesses and publicly listed companies. Since our first days, we have not only successfully help clients raise capital but also provided strategic advice and expertise to solve the complex business issues faced by the top management of many Asian corporations and business families. Our approach on strategy consulting has been always to journey towards a viable solution once they realize their goals and expectations.  Our strategy consulting leaves the choice of implementation to the decision makers since as consultants we put our focus on the strategy and frameworks. Our role is to allow them to gain insights that everyone else seems to be largely passing over. These steps would provide useful advice and enabling solutions to achieve their goals and expectations.

Peston & Sons Securities is ideally positioned to provide strategy consulting to family owned businesses and publicly listed companies on account of our core expertise and diverse international experience. At Peston & Sons Securities, we do not follow “group thinking”. Sound advice has to be developed.  We are a firm whose tradition is rooted in providing creative and enabling solutions out of rigorous analysis and critical thinking. This is because our team and associates bring with them top level experiences and perspectives, having worked in different countries and organizations.


All businesses, large or small and public or private need an understanding the value of their business which can be crucial to foster its development.  Valuation is often the key deciding factor behind IPO timing or merger and acquisitions or attracting finance. In executing strategic decision, shareholders and/or management needs to assess the potential impact of these steps on the value of their business.

Peston & Sons Securities believes that business valuation is more than just a spreadsheet analysis or a series of mathematical calculations. In our valuation engagements, we try to gain a deep understanding of a company's operations, perform a detailed analysis of development dynamics and define key internal and external value drivers. The depth of our experience, gained from completing hundreds of business valuations spanning across all industries, sizes and stages of a company’s life cycle, have enabled us to deliver robust value opinions and insightful solutions. Our engagements are performed by MBA and CFA designated professionals and our work standard adheres to the Financial Reporting Standards.

Peston & Sons Securities is ideally positioned to assist companies and shareholders with business valuations needs given our problem solving approach and international perspectives. This sets us apart from our competition. We always deliver an independent and unbiased conclusion of value as our fees are not contingent on the success of the valuation and remain conflict free in selecting our business engagements.